Stella's Lounge serves the "Best Burger in America" according to GQ magazine in the July 2012 issue with Kate Upton on the cover.  We are very happy to be associated with this cover.    

We're Stella's Lounge - we pour stiff drinks and the same beer you stole from your Dad's garage fridge back in the day.   We also carry a great selection of local craft beers on draft and in cans.

We have all the vintage arcade games you skipped 6th period to play, and we play the  music that was just coming into its own when you were a kid (OK - maybe you weren't, but WE were. I don't think making us feel old is good strategy, do you??)

We also have over 200 whiskies for your sipping pleasure.

We have assembled an amazing staff to care for your every need - if you want something, ask nicely (manners are important, yo!)  and they'll hook you up.

Our menu has something for everyone.   There's a giant, juicy stuffed burger for you die hard carnivores. If you're a meat eater - you should give our veggie dishes a whirl - you will be (pleasantly) surprised, I guarantee it!!

Stella's is a bar -  Minors can come in with their PARENTS OR LEGAL GUARDIANS until 8 - after that, no way, no how. Please note that the arcade games are not babysitters - if we see kids alone in the arcade room, they will be given 2 monster energy drinks and an airhorn to take home. No, we do not have crayons or a kids' menu - Sweet Fancy Moses, people! We're a freakin' bar!

Like most bars, Stella's doesn't take reservations.

Stella's does not discriminate and you shouldn't either.

We want you to have a great time - we also want you to keep it together.  If you need a cab, ask us to call you one, please and thank you.

We're open from 4PM - 2AM Monday through Friday, Noon to 2AM on Saturday & Sunday. The kitchen closes up at 1AM every night of the week.  If you're still gonna be hungry after that, you should've brought a granola bar - it pays to plan ahead.

We are proud to use local products that support our neighbors whenever possible. We recycle. We mowed your Granma's lawn last week. She says she never got a thank you note for that birthday check last year, either. 

We're Stella's. Come check us out.